VI Free Daily reader Amanda Johnston was among the many who have told us why they love Canada. — VIFD photo

Islanders tell us why they love Canada

VIFD readers read to celebrate Canada 150

Canada is the greatest country in the world — just ask Canadians.

With the nation’s 150th ‘birthday’ celebrations already in full swing, we did just that — ask you why you love Canada and you’ve come through in large numbers.

Check out a sampling of the responses to our VI Free Daily ‘Captain Canada’ contest below:

Jennifer Mack Dilfer

I’m lucky enough to have travelled and lived in other countries, but I always long for Canada. I breathe a sigh of relief when I cross back into this country. It’s stunning scenery, friendly and apologetic people, socialized medicine, liberal government and … poutine, can’t forget the poutine 🙂

Sandy Ramwell Capper

Because it’s home.

Roberta Pley Richardson

I love Canada for the freedom we have, which allows our kids to grow up as kids should.

Shana Lindsay

I love Canada and I wish i could one day see more of it! So much to see in one lifetime! From oceans to mountains! Love it all!

Amanda Johnston

I love Canada for the diversity, scenery, people, togetherness, etc., etc.

Judy Christopherson

I love Canada for its natural beauty and for the genuine warmth and hospitality of all Canada’s people.

Mary Harrison

I love Canada because it’s inclusive, helpful to each other (medical), and helpful to the countries of the world. We Canadians have a way to go to reconcile with our First Nations but I believe we have the will and desire to make our country even better in the years to come.

Melanie Kirk

I grew up in the States. Married and moved to Canada. I love the friendliness and politeness of the people and the fact that Canadians are more accepting of people who are different than they are.I love that we (yes, I chose to become a Canadian three years ago) are not as arrogant as the stereotypical American.

And I love our health care system, compared to the U.S.

Skibba Fred Johnson

Canada has the most generous, kind, compassionate and loving citizens in the world which makes it the most desirable place to live.

Pauline Jackson

I love Canada because it is a country of diversity, different cultures and people and we always as Canadians are concerned very friendly, socialiable and caring to the other countries in the world. We have a open door to everyone that comes to Canada, even if it is for a visit and to come to live to live here. That is why I love Canada that is why we stand on guard for thee, as we sing in our national anthem.

Haileigh Cera Marie

I love our beautiful country for countless reasons. I love the beautiful nature we have to explore that varies so widely from coast to coast. There’s so much diversity and acceptance among our nation. It’s a country where you can feel safe.

Not to mention our healthcare is amazing and I’m extremely thankful for that!

Erin Lowe

I love Canada for the ability to experience nature so easily and our commitment to keep our environment healthy for generations to come.

Doreen Dobbyn

Love our Canada — a beautiful country in all aspects and place were you can live and be who you are.And great fishing!

Kyra Julie Anne

I love Canada because we have the best poutine.

Brian Daniel

Canada is like a warm hug.

Faruque Khan

Good life and more social security; education quality high.

Colleen Childs

We have it all.

No place on earth has it all like we do.

Fran Kwiecien

Travelled a bit when I was younger but there is no better place than Canada (B.C. specifically) to find mountains, oceans, wildlife and beautiful people to celebrate life!

Dave Wright

Great places to explore.

Sharon Williams

I love my country because of its diversity.

Tammy Sanne

I love Canada because it is full of such friendly people and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Toni Reimer

It is just that Canada is my home, has been for several generations. I have travelled and always look forward to coming ‘Home to Canada’.

Melissa Favel

Canada is our home sweet home. What is not to love about a beautiful country that has so much to offer.

My family and I love Canada. Even our furry pet cat Berlioz. There’s no place like home… We call home Canada. HAPPY 150TH BIRTHDAY CANADA. Proud to be a Canadian.

Janice Bingham

We love Canada because of the freedoms we have. We have the ability to walk down the street and not fear for our lives. My daughters have the right to an education. We have such a beautiful country with mountains, lakes and rivers. Fresh clean water and fields to lay in and stare at the stars. What a wonderful country we live in.

Darlene Woolls

I was born here on the Island (Langford ) and I just love it. Everything is green! I have still got so much left to explore, this Island is full of adventure, beautiful scenery to take videos and pics of, the drive anywhere is so scenic.

I went to Tofino for the first time a year ago —wow what a place (nearly drowned in the ocean tide, lol). Next stop, sandcastles in Parksville, never been there either.

Alysha Ann

We love the mountains, oceans, lakes, hiking trails. All the people who say EH!! Such a beautiful country with beautiful people!! And how we embrace First Nations culture.

Skyler-Ann Mangelsen

I love Canada because you can be anywhere here and it’s beautiful! Never a dull moment in Canada. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here 🙂

Lesley Benjamin Webster

The diversity and natural beauty in Canada are second to none! We love it here!

Megan Lipp Lagos

Everywhere you turn there’s nothing but beauty!

Nancy Shields

I love Canada because of not only its vast variety in landscape but its vast variety of individuals!

Shane Aebig

Because it’s the greatest country in the world. The six reasons diversity, education, healthcare, economy, natural resources and overall quality of life. Most of all it is the most beautiful place on earth.

Holly Brown

Because of all the amazing places to hike, and surround yourself with wilderness.

Marcy Drinkwater

I love Canada because of our diversity, our acceptance of others and the nature

Steph J Butland

I love Canada because it is safety and opportunity for my son. He can get to know so many people from all over the world who have chosen to live in the greatest country in the world. He can hear their stories and know how lucky he is and how much love there is to share.

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