The Dashwood Volunteer Fire Department’s security camera caught this footage of an ATV driver doing doughnuts in front of the Meadowood fire station last week. — Courtesy of the DVFD

ATV driver does doughnuts in front of Meadowood fire hall

Dashwood fire chief ‘disheartened by inconsiderate driver’

The Dashwood fire department has called out a driver who did doughnuts outside of one of their fire stations last week.

Nick Acciavatti, Dashwood Volunteer Fire Department chief, said an “inconsiderate person” decided to do two sets of doughnuts — when a driver manoeuvres their vehicle in a circular motion, leaving skidmarks and smoke. Because of the doughnuts, Acciavatti said, the driver sprayed rocks all over the pad at the Meadowood fire station which is located at 1800 Galvin Pl.

“We just find it really disrespectful for our department to deal with that sort of stuff,” Acciavatti told The NEWS.

Acciavatti said one of the fire captains downloaded the video footage off the security cameras and then the department decided to post the footage to Facebook.

However , Acciavatti said this isn’t the first time this has happened to the department. About a month ago at the Dashwood station (230 Hobbs Rd.), he said, another driver did doughnuts in front of the hall, but he added the security cameras didn’t pick it up.

“This is the first time we’ve taken the step to post on social media,” he said. “It’s more or less just to get the word out that ‘Hey, this isn’t acceptable.’ It kind of irks us that that sort of thing happens when we try and promote a positive image of the fire department and we’re here to serve the community and we have people like this doing stuff like that. It’s a little frustrating.”

The video, which was viewed more than 3,000 times on the DVFD’s Facebook page, has had generally supportive comments.

“A lot of people have been supportive. A couple of people said kind of ‘suck it up, deal with it.’ It’s not our place to suck it up,” Acciavatti said. “We just find it very disheartening that somebody would be that inconsiderate to do that sort of thing in our parking lots and in front of our fire halls. We try and do as much as we can to give back to the community and it’s a little disheartening when you see that sort of thing happen.”

The Facebook post says if anyone knows who the driver of the ATV is to call the department at 250-752-5434. Acciavatti said the department has not contacted the RCMP.