Players gather with coaches and other volunteers on the opening day of the Oceanside Minor Baseball Association season in 2016. OMBA is calling for nominees for its coach and umpire of the year awards for 2017. — NEWS file photo

Nominate your candidate for best baseball coach and umpire

The Oceanside Minor Baseball Association is seeking the fans’ help in nominating candidates for Coach of the Year and Umpire of the Year awards.

Over the course of the past season, the association’s coaches have placed a tremendous amount of dedication and effort for the benefit of Oceanside baseball players.

From the rainy and cold days of April, right through the rainy and cold days of June, the coaches were leading practices, attending clinics, and helping the kids play to their full potential every game.

Several coaches led their teams in summer ball and tournaments, long after the regular season was finished. To show your appreciation for a job well done, nominate your coach. All that’s required is the coach’s name and your reasons why he or she deserves this award. Send your candidate to or to any OMBA volunteer.

Last year’s winner was Kirk Walper. Other winners include Rob McGorman (2015), Barb Nicoll (2014), Andy MacDonald (2013), Cliff Craven (2012), and Lyle Lamont (2011).

OMBA’s umpire team is key to the league’s success and deserves recognition as well. It is a role that, when done right, no one notices. The best umpires conduct the flow of play and step in only as the play dictates. As a result, the good ones are often forgotten and that should not happen. They do nothing less than structure the environment for players and coaches to succeed on the field.

Send your candidates for Coach of the Year and Umpire of the Year to or any OMBA volunteer.