File Oceanside RCMP have issued a warning that door-to-door handymen scams will increase this spring.

Parksville Qualicum Beach-area Resident loses $110 to handyman scammer

RCMP issue warning about spring increase

If you’ve sprung a leak this spring, don’t trust just any handyman to fix it.

Cpl. Jesse Foreman of the Oceanside RCMP issued a warning this week that door-to-door handyman scams will increase this spring.

Though Foreman noted that there are some reputable door-to-door handymen, he said “you need to be aware of fraudsters trying to take advantage of you. They may offer to fix your roof, clean your gutters, or other odd jobs.

“They may tell you they are working in your neighbourhood and could even use a neighbour’s name to try to gain your trust. They may try to entice you by saying they have leftover materials from another job, and therefore, can offer you an amazing deal!”

On Monday, May 29, a local resident told RCMP she had lost $110 to a door-to-door handyman after he had offered to help her take care of an ant problem.

“He insisted on receiving cash ($110) in order to start the job,” Foreman said. “He then left to get supplies and never returned.”

Foreman suggested the best way to avoid being scammed is to never let an unsolicited handyman into your home. Generally, reputable companies and handymen don’t go door-to-door. Instead, rely on a neighbour or friend to suggest to you a trusted maintenance person.

“If you feel threatened or suspicious about a door-to-door handyman, contact the Oceanside RCMP at 250-248-6111.”

NEWS staff and Oceanside RCMP