A paramedic speaks to an elderly lady in the driver’s seat of a red jeep at the scene of a two-car crash in Parksville on Saturday, June 3 on the corner of Shelly Road and Island Hwy E. — Adam Kveton

Two-car crash in Parksville

Paramedics, fire department on scene

A truck and an SUV have collided at the corner of Shelly Rd. and Island Hwy East in Parksville.

The scene was still unfolding at 10:45 a.m. Saturday morning, with the Parksville Volunteer Fire Department and paramedics on scene.

An elerderly woman remained seated in the driver’s seat of the red SUV while a paramedic spoke with her.

The crash sticks out into the right hand westbound lane of the highway.

Look back for updates as they come in.