A sweet day in Qualicum Beach

What an incredibly amazing Victoria Day in our home town of Qualicum Beach! In the morning we took our little dog to the vast sandy beach, where we strolled for awhile and then sat watching three or four happy families with several children and dogs, rollicking around in and out of the clear water, chasing balls, playing frisbee and lapping up the sunshine. A lovely couple visiting from Victoria shared some of their picnic with us as well as their appreciation for the great beauty here.

Later in the afternoon, we were again drawn to the beach, where there were now people paddle boarding, kayaking or strolling along the promenade, enjoying the spectacular changing views of mountains, sky and ocean. Again, some generous ladies shared their mouth watering blackberry pie with us and we all shared our gratitude for the wonderful day. Later, we sat on a log, listened to a couple sharing their singing talents with all who gathered, and watched the varying shades of red glowing through gentle clouds as the sun bid its fond farewell.

How easily can a unique day in a place filled with precious nature and cheerful people help us to forget the rain of yesterday and look forward to more of such joy in our futures. Thank you everyone!

Joan Bryan

Qualicum Beach