And you thought our politics were zany

We offer congratulations to Michelle Stilwell on her return to the cabinet post of Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation Monday in Victoria.

There’s a chance, of course, her term of office goes by faster than her world-record clocking in the 100-metre wheelchair sprint.

Premier Christy Clark, whose Liberal Party edged the B.C. NDP by just two votes in last month’s provincial election, filled an interim cabinet in Victoria Monday for a government that may not survive past the recall of the legislature and the throne speech on June 22.

That’s because the combined representation of the NDP and the B.C. Green Party — who have signed an agreement of co-operation — together boast one more MLA than do the Liberals. And a confidence vote on Clark’s minoritiy goverment will follow the throne speech.

Following her swearing-in as cabinet minister, an understated Stilwell described it as “an exciting time to be in goverment” and noted history is being made each and every day.

That’s not the half of it. On both sides of the Atlantic, governments are struggling to secure the backing of citizens who seem almost to be repudiating political parties themselves.

In Great Britain, unelected Prime Minister Theresa May forced an election in a bid to strengthen her mandate, but instead lost seats to long shot lefty Jeremy Corbyn and has been forced to approach the far-right Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland and its 10 seats to form a coalition merely to keep her job.

And, though he seems oblivious to the reality, U.S. President Donald Trump is being beseiged on multiple fronts by calls for impeachment.

Former FBI Director James Comey, fired by Trump last month, provided remarkable congressional testimony last week in which he basically called Trump a liar. The president, predicably, responded by saying, ‘See, I’m totally vindicated! Told you!”

One imagines that if the U.S. people come to their senses and actually jettison him from office, he’ll continue to occupy the White House and strut around Washington D.C. as though he’s in charge.

If her government does not survive this month, perhaps Christy Clark can apply for the job of leader of the free world.

It appears there’s a vacancy.

— Parksville Qualicum Beach News