At least Trump wouldn’t clear-cut QB

Before Coun. Horner condemns Mr. Trump (PQB News, June 13) he should acknowledge and apologize for the environmental depredations which his pro-development council has permitted in Qualicum Beach.

At Hoylake Road and Memorial Avenue, and at Hoylake Road and Berwick Road, he will find messes even Mr. Trump wouldn’t have allowed and no town planner in his right environmental mind should have allowed. No QB councillor can condemn Mr Trump’s environmental neglect before he respects the environmental beauty, ie, the trees of this town.

This is the west coast of Canada, not a prairie town. Trees are indigenous to this landscape. Leave them alone. Leave a fringe of trees around each housing site. Get town council to formulate a bylaw to protect against total clearcutting of trees on housing sites. Then Coun. Horner can criticize Mr. Trump’s environmental failures.

Cecil Bosher

Qualicum Beach