Beach ‘monstrosity’ not welcome

Re: Parksville waterfront development plan includes 16-storey building (The NEWS, July 25).

The architect’s response to the proposed building next to the eyesore already there. I think he must have been talking to other needy developers if he thinks that most Parksville residents are in favour of another monstrosity on the beach.

I wonder if all the people coming to live here realize the severe water problem, to say nothing of the doctor shortage (I am one of the lucky ones; I have an excellent doctor, but many of my friends are without a family doctor).

We already take a risk even driving to the grocery stores these days. I shudder to think of the extra traffic trying to get onto the highway from further developments. Parksville wasn’t built to deal with all the extra traffic that will be involved. Why is the council allowed to alter bylaws to suit out-of-town developers? If they are determined to build at this size why not a hospital, which is sorely needed (but not on our beach)?

Vera Breslin