Beachfront development should be low-rise only

The last thing Parksville needs is another travesty like the Beach Club. The beachfront should be designated a low-rise area so everyone can enjoy the cooling ocean breezes and water/mountain views. In these times of rising temperatures it is imperative that the cooling breezes be allowed to flow into the downtown core.

I really don’t care that the project calls for different levels like the Beach Club; the whole project is designated to bring the most money into the developer’s pockets that they can squeeze from planners. Developers do not have altruism as their bottom line. With them it is the most bang for the buck.

They are citing 16 storeys knowing they might have to settle for 7-10. Isn’t that what the Beach Club did? The developers took a chance buying the property thinking they could sell a bill of goods to the public and city planners. Don’t let this happen. The beauty of Parksville and the enjoyment of its present residents is more important than what a development like this might bring.

Bonnie Dawe