Canada Day cleanup is commendable

I am writing to say a big thank you to the city Parks and Public Works Department. Prior to the Canada Day festivities I saw many employees working hard to clean up the beds along the highway and in the park.

They also saw to it that there were many facilities that could be used as washrooms. There were many extra garbage cans in the park as well. The city was thoroughly prepared for the crowds.

There were many food trucks in the park as well. Not only did they serve a wide variety of food, they were responsible for leaving the area clean when they left.

I walk the boardwalk each day, and when I went out early on Sunday morning I was horrified to see the amount of garbage people had left on the beach and beside the garbage cans. A few of us walked the beach and picked up most of what had been left. Again, the city had employees working on Sunday and they made fast work of emptying all the overflowing garbage containers.

Please, people, respect our environment so that we will be able to use our beach for many years to come.

Marilyn Hahn