Canadian flag should be flown July 1 – anywhere

Watching the news on Canada Day, I was appalled that a man living in one of Qualicum Beach’s strata developments has been fined $50 by his strata council for affixing the Canadian flag to his fence.

What in the name of patriotic respect and decency is that all about? If it’s in their bylaws that the Canadian flag is included in what is most likely a myriad of “can’t do’s”… then one of the strata “fathers” should have used a modicum of discretionary authority to exclude this flag despite the bylaw.

Maybe strata bylaws need to be reviewed a little more closely and revised accordingly, but whatever, its a downright shame that the Canadian flag, which symbolizes everything good, that stands for freedom, dignity and respect for all, should be considered unworthy of being flown on Canada Day.

There’s enough negativity in our world, people. The Canadian flag should be allowed to be flown every year, anywhere, on July 1… period! Hurrah for our mayor who stands by the resident’s decision to fly it anyway!

Patricia Spinks

Qualicum Beach