Cartoon not improved by repeated application

I like reading my local paper and in particular, enjoy the editorial section. However I see the winds of change taking place. The cartoon in the April 18 edition is a repeat from the previous week. It is a very left-leaning cartoon and when I read it last week I thought the PQB News was making a statement. Having seen it two times now, I am really curious to understand the editor’s motives.

The second caption of the cartoon has the husband making a statement of fact indicating that the “economic growth was better under the NDP than the Liberals”.

I remember many corporations moving their head offices out of B.C. during the NDP mandate, the BC Ferries fiasco, sky train infrastructure spending with no defined budget, just to name a few things that caused the NDP to get blown out last time. I certainly do not recall the economic growth being better under the NDP. In fact, quite the opposite.

Are there some facts to back up the cartoon’s statement? I assume that being in the Commentary section there is some literary licence allowed… and that is ok, but why the re-run?

Andy Lankester

Nanoose Bay