Chemtrails pose greatest environmental hazard

I walked outside last night and immediately my eyes started to sting and there was a dryness in my mouth. I wondered what was going on, well, that was until I looked up and saw the worst chemtrail attack I’d seen for months. Before you start saying they are just water vapor trails, answer me this… Why do we see nothing for days, then suddenly the sky is full of these planes? Have you ever seen scheduled flights flying 2 or 3 together? And why are there no chemtrails in Brazil, Russia, South America, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Iceland and most of Africa?

The greatest environmental catastrophe is unfolding right in front of us and barely a whimper of resistance. Have you noticed that everyone around you is congested and coughing? I am calling this “chemtrail cough.” I am coughing, my family and friends are coughing. Since this spraying, respiratory disease has skyrocketed.

Tons of toxins are being sprayed on us daily and yet nobody seems to care. Chemtrails contain heavy metals such as barium and toxic metals such as aluminum, as well as biologicals from flu virus; they have more than one agenda in their use!

If you think I am just crazy, then why has Nevada just declared itself a Chemtrail Free Zone, as did Berkeley, Calif., with passing resolution #61744? People all over the world are protesting about this issue, but our major media remains quiet.

All I ask is that you take five minutes to google this topic, look at the images there too. Demand our politicians look into this. The proof is out there; it’s time for them to get their heads out of the sand and do the job we pay them for… protecting the public!

John St. John