Construction noise driving residents up a wall

It is very nice to know that the residents of the seven houses on the east side of Village Way mean nothing to the town. Loud rumbling and shaking started this morning just after 7 a.m. There are elderly and retired citizens here, yet nobody from the town seems to feel we are worth anything.

What if we want/need more sleep? This went on past 6 p.m. some evenings last week, and we are supposed to be happy with this? Did the Town not think to contact the residents directly, or would that be too much hassle?

This is ridiculous. As I mentioned in emails (to the town) last week, our quality of life is affected by this, yet all you can do is say it is short-term, and noise bylaws allow this! Very nice; you don’t have to put up with this as you don’t live here. We do.

Heavy construction noise from dawn to dusk is ridiculous and needs to stop now before our houses are damaged by this vibration. The town’s project manager told me it is unlikely to happen, but I don’t believe it. This incessant shaking is driving me up the wall; please find a way to stop it now.

Colin Hart

Qualicum Beach