Have a dog? Get a ‘doggy bag’

I can’t agree more with Teresa Shore (Letters, May 2).

I am a dog owner and I am disgusted with other owners that do not believe it is necessary to pick up their dog’s waste. At times I have handed poo bags to these people and reminded them that their dog just did a dropping (they reluctantly take the bag and do their duty).

It’s sad because there are a lot of people that do look after their animals and their waste but unfortunately there are those who think it’s natural for their dog to do the business anywhere they please.

It’s the old saying “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.”

One thing I will say, is that when a dog marks an area with urine, it could be right beside another dog’s dropping, this is just what they do. So someone close to that specific area may think that the dog they just saw did a doo doo, not always true.

Now I may get myself into hot water here, but I have to say some fellas with their big dogs think its all good and natural to let the dogs just run and go where ever they please; sorry guys, it’s time to pick up and if you can’t maybe you should live in a forest or don’t have a dog.

It’s your choice to have a dog, if you do, pick up. Do you pick up after yourself and your children? What’s different about a dog?

Michele McIntosh