LETTER: 16-storey ‘duck’

I had been waiting for news of this proposed development from a former council member. He shared with a group of us that there was a good chance it would be rammed through city council.

I would hope our mayor, who promised to do good for Parksville, would respect the majority of views that would not wish to see continual blockage of our water view. Anything above 4 storeys would definitely impact that.

I have sent enough letters about the state of our city, the lack of proper care and attention to landscaping etc. so it is no surprise that this administration is not concerned about the needs of the residents regarding development on the waterfront.

It said in the article that the development would encompass the public but The Beach Club, which promised potential buyers would swell the coffers of the city, really didn’t fulfil that promise nor did anyone care for landowners whose properties lost value as a result of the ‘monstrosity’ that was erected.

For anyone to say that the ‘… the public is going to be part of the space…” must seriously think the citizens are very dense indeed.

If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what? It’s a duck and a lame one at that!

Liz Roy