LETTER: Democracy or oligarchy?

Ninety-nine citizens of Bowser are going to vote in this week, making a decision that will effect all of the 3,884 citizens living in Area H of the Regional District.

Its about sewage and where to put it. I question the authority of the quasi-government in Nanaimo that thinks it has control over what goes on in our rural area. I do not believe that if all 3,884 people were allowed to vote that they would vote to allow the discharge of raw sewage into the entrance of Baynes Sound at the mouth of the scallop and oyster industries.

It is environmentally stupid to discharge sewage into the Georgia Strait basin for many reasons. However the reason that those 99 people may vote yes to allow this sewage discharge is because they have been bribed by a deal that the RDN has brokered with developers.

Instead of paying the full $35,000 for each house hook up to a sewer system, big shot developers have put up a 2.4 million dollar bribe that will reduce those 99 homes in Bowser to paying less than $5,000 each to hook up… while the remaining 3,800 folks over the years will eventually hook into the sewer system at full price.

Is this democracy in action? Or an out of control regional government?

Len Walker