LETTER: Enjoy the global warmth while you can

As someone who rarely reads The NEWS, I nevertheless feel compelled to comment on the editorial Climate change really is global (Sept. 7).

I was mildly shocked by the hysterical outburst from an editor who should be better informed about climate change than to be falling over backwards trying to frighten his readers into believing that catastrophic predictions of doom and gloom are, demonstrably, coming to pass. What utter misinformed nonsense!

The global temperatures we are experiencing now are not exceptional for a natural warming period (nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions). The Medieval Warm Period (roughly 1,000 years ago) was warmer than today. The vikings occupied and farmed the southern parts of Greenland. They even gave it its name! This was followed by the Little Ice Age. The River Thames, in London, froze in winter.

Incidentally, it is not surprising that the last 16 of 17 years have been the hottest. This is because the temperature rise has plateaued since 2000. This event is called “the pause” or “the hiatus.”

We are now entering a period of diminished solar activity which historically has always given lower temperatures. Enjoy the warmth while it lasts. Warm periods are always prosperous, cool periods the opposite.

John Raw

Qualicum Beach