LETTER: People living in stratas have similar interests

We have lived in this area for about four years. Having lived in many places in different countries, I have found that this area has to be the friendliest by far. So many programs helping others that are too long to list.

I live in a strata in which there are no age restrictions, whether age restrictions are unconstitutional or not is irrelevant. I do not want to live with young families all around me, I could live somewhere else if I chose, but this is what I want, living in a community with people of similar interests as myself and a similar age. I suggest that this is what people living in a strata also want.

Using the figure of 500 strata units that Neil Horner gives would amount to 1,000 people, — 1,000 unfriendly people, what baloney. I would suggest that Neil Horner consult a lawyer before putting a motion to council to see if in fact what he is proposing is legal. But then this maybe just hot air from him.

Keith Jones

Qualicum Beach