LETTER: Proposed development height is unacceptable

The July 25 edition of The PQB News announced a new development next to the Beach Club, and while it is time something happened to that space, it is my humble opinion that anything that matches, or in this case, far exceeds the height of the Beach Club Resort is totally unacceptable.

Are we going to allow this to happen again Mr. Mayor?

The biggest draw to this area is by far the ocean and the scenery it provides and cluttering up the skyline with a development that belongs inside the town core should not even be considered. The Parksville downtown area is in dire need of a redevelopment along these lines — NOT the beach area!

The Beach Club got built because council caved and failed to listen to the voters, this time it is to be made abundantly clear that those in office now run the risk of losing their seat if they rubber stamp this atrocity. Sixteen storeys — are you kidding me?

Like the size of the Beach Club isn’t problematic enough for the residents, now a new developer thinks doubling its size will be an appropriate use of the beach front. Come on people, line up to voice your views on this issue, or should we wait for the next section of beach front to be lost… and then what, another hotel say for instance in the trailer park next to the Community Park.

Trust me if this proposal becomes reality, there will be a next one.

If anyone has frequented Hawaii over the past 10 to 20 years has seen what can happen to an area when the “first resort” is allowed on the beach, what has followed has been rows and rows of them “on the beach.”

To think this will never happen here is a mistake that should not be made. Developers will build whatever we let them and the city will allow it because of the huge tax base they create. And, to front this development with the “plan” to make it accessible to the public should not make it a rubber stamp issue. Any thoughts Parksville? Now is the time to voice your opinion.

Ron Stuart