LETTER: Watering restrictions critical at this time of year

Is this administration serious? Does it have any credibility? Stage 3 water restrictions according to the City of Parksville’s Water Service System Bylaw 1320 states; “requests further voluntary reductions prior to implementing a ban, enabling residents to choose where they can cut back. Focus is on lawns and an opportunity to defer comprehensive watering ban.”

Seriously, no lawns, however you can power-wash your driveway, car, truck or house with treated water paid for by all of the taxpayers in this community.

I watched a neighbour power-wash her house for three hours last week. When I made a comment the response was, “nothing says I cannot.” Time for a review of the watering program in this community. It is not a renewable resource, once down the drain it is gone.

While on the conservation of water, some articles have recently appeared in the “Letters” column concerning the fire hazard of tall, dry grass in the community. This is a very serious matter considering the recent weather and wildfires burning throughout the province. A drive down the Island Highway reveals many vacant properties that are overgrown with dry, combustible growth. Throughout the community and next to city hall you have the same conditions.

This council has to embark on an enforcement for management of vacant lots, public, private or commercial to be maintained so that there is no risk to the community.

Don Snell