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Global non-warming

Publication of global temperature data shows that the IPCC acknowledged global non-warming trend persists.

If this 17-year trend continues, the data will definitely be outside the error boundaries of man-made CO2-based climate models.

I suggest that folks need to consider that they may have been mistaken, and to approach the phenomena scientifically rather than quasi-religiously.

Why has so much been invested emotionally into the man-made CO2 models? If we need to feel bad about our impacts on the environment, there are no end of man-made calamities past, present and future to be upset about: Gulf oil spill by BP, Fukushima by Tepco, pipelines by Enbridge, well-fracking by every oil/gas corporation, etc. But note the trend here: these are all corporate-made disasters. Note also the main stream media (MSM) are largely mum about where the real guilt lies, with the corporations.

But CO2 driven climate change? Ah, that’s a distributed problem that the MSM points out is of our making, that the general population needs to be taxed for, a carbon-offset money-pump of trillions to the corporations and bankers — but never mind the environmental atrocities that the corporations carry out. Oh no, we as individuals need to feel guilty about the corner that the corporations have pushed mankind into, where alternatives to lower energy consuming technologies have been impeded by the money-junkies.

So, if the CO2 driven climate change is another MSM-driven corporate con-game, it’s easier to believe that delusion than to fight the real evil-doers. Emotionally it’s easier to embrace a guilt-trip than to confront these corporations for the planet-killers that they are, and to deal with them as if they are personally threatening our very lives.

Derrick Grimmer


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