Liberals’ reversal deserves dose of skepticism

In Thursday’s throne speech, Christy Clark’s B.C. Liberals suddenly reversed their position on a number of policies — issues they’ve never cared about before, from banning big money and raising welfare rates to providing affordable childcare.

After taking millions in corporate handouts to win elections, and voting down six bills to ban big money, now she says she supports political finance reform!

This sudden turnabout doesn’t absolve her of her disastrous record.

Lets see this for what it is — a cynical strategy to bleed support from the Greens and NDP and an attempt to repair her image and force an election to win back her majority.

Its time for a change. Lets let the NDP and the Greens have a shot at governing together.

According to recent polls, it’s what the majority of British Columbians want.

Sylvia Buttner-Schnirer

Qualicum Beach