More development won’t ease water pinch

Stage 3 (watering restrictions)? With a warning that Stage 4 is around the corner? The city is still approving developments left, right and centre – developments that will put added stress on our water supply.

Wake up, folks! There is only so much water available (because the powers that be haven’t figured out they have to store the winter sky water to use in the summer).

Want to have less water usage? Try putting a moratorium on new developments. Keep in mind that each new dwelling has at least two “flushers” and most have lawns put in by the developer.

The city is also not fixing the current intake, so we are down to one-third usage of capacity for the next two summers until the new one comes online. But they have the money for “wayfinding signs”?

No politician wants to bite the bullet and dig out reservoir ponds along the Englishman River Valley. That would be tantamount to admitting previous wrong decisions. Best to leave heads stuck in the sand.

Al Pastars