No Twitter leaves reader with no access to poll

At a social gathering last week I encountered several people who lamented that because they don’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts, they could not respond to the Question of the week, which asks if the E&N railway should be converted into a trail system.

I want to affirm my support and enthusiasm for reinstallation of the rail system. I and many I have encountered long for the train to return. There is no direct link to Victoria or Courtenay and older people don’t want to or can’t drive themselves. Besides, we need tourist dollars to support our accommodation providers and our tea rooms and restaurants.

In so many progressive countries trains are making a comeback; new routes are planned and in the UK the famed Flying Scotsman has returned to a fully booked service. How are we pro-trainers to advocate? Twitter must not be our only route to expression. Do not count us out but help to restore the service by advocating for the rebuilding of rail infrastructure because once the rails are torn out, that is the death of the railway.

We already have many trails in the area — and I will tell you candidly that as a woman I would never in a hundred years walk an isolated trail. There are many who support the train in Qualicum Beach, with or without a voice; do not discount us.

Mary Riches

Qualicum Beach