Overheated pets make writer hot under the collar

I’m writing to try and get people to start being more responsible when caring for pets during the heat of summer.

We all know, or should by now, that it is not acceptable to leave a dog unattended in a car in the summer. The SPCA tells us that a dog can become fatally overheated in a car in just 10 minutes. Now, think about taking your dog for a run in the heat midday. Today, I watched a young man, with two beautiful dogs on leash, running alongside him while he biked to Starbucks. He probably thought he was a good dog owner. He would have been putting out minimal energy to ride that bike; meanwhile, the dogs are running.

Would you put on a fur coat and run the streets at high noon in the summer? Dogs cannot sweat, that is why they should not become overheated! Their bodies just can’t take it. If you think, “Well, my dog loves to do this with me,” think again. Does your dog know he can’t sweat and will become desperately hot when he runs alongside you on your bike? Of course not.

It’s up to all dog owners to start being sensible and more responsible. This is nothing short of abuse when it comes right down to it. Leave your dog at home in the heat of the day. Walk early in the morning or in the cool of the evening And never leave them in a car alone in the summer. Not even for a few minutes.

Kandy Rogers