Poor parking design exacerbated by giant speed bumps

Since the completion of the Canadian Tire store at Wembley Centre, I have been to this mall less and less.

The design of the main entrance is not satisfactory; drivers coming from the south of Parksville can only enter by turning left at the light into the congested area in front of the Canadian Tire store even though I’m going to visit the BC Liquor Store at the opposite end.

The mall also has stop signs at the north and south ends that drivers seem to ignore and often there are near collisions.

If that’s not bad enough, the other day on a visit to Save-On-Foods, my anger boiled over as I bounced in an extreme manner over not one, but about four new, super-high speed bumps! Why should I bother coming to this mall again with these aggravations?

There seems to be no logical reason why there couldn’t have been a left turn from the highway at the entrance closest to the liquor store.

Now to top off all the annoyance of poor entrances, new speed bumps that are ridiculously high. My neighbour can’t even drive his motorcycle over these because he would bottom out. In our truck, we basically have to stop and very slowly roll our rear wheels over the speed bumps to avoid a terrible jarring and bouncing.

Who needs that? If safety for speeding vehicles was the issue, then surely one or maximum two better-designed (lower) speed bumps would have sufficed.

I’m more convinced than ever that shopping in downtown Parksville will be my first choice.

Janice Holden