Railroad remains best use for railbed

How many seniors have a computer but no interest in Facebook or Twitter?

As a result, we missed out on the Question of the Week re: the E&N railway. Train service, a universal, modern means of transporation, would resolve a number of issues on our Island. The rails are there, we need someone with vision and the ability to convince the government, which spends billions (where it used to be millions) on other expenditures.

Victoria, with its congested commuter problems, would be a good place to start, and work from there. Surely, this cannot be the end of the rail.

How many seniors over 65 use the trails already on our Island? According to the same issue of The PQB News, 52 percent of the population is over age 65, in Parksville 42 percent. As we age, these numbers are not likely to change. This is a retirement community. Expanding the many existing trails makes no sense. Tourists come to Parksville and Qualicum for the beach.

How many residents use the trails in our wet winters? I, too, wish to affirm my support and enthusiasm for reinstallation of the rail system. A survey sent to each and every household on the Island may give your paper entirely different numbers.

Jode Tilley