Respiratory troubles no laughing matter

Regarding the persistent chemtrail deposits being applied up and down our Island, in the past five or so years they have become increasingly more prevalent.

As a mom and teacher of young children this causes me a great deal of concern.

One can opt for cleaner food choices, or filter water to ensure its purity, but when the air we breathe is contaminated I feel at a loss as to how to effectively protect my child and the others in my care.

It’s difficult to feel at ease while the children are outside playing in the “fresh air” and I know they are breathing these particulates (barium, nano aluminum-coated fibreglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, ethylene, polymer fibres, fungal mycotoxins etc.) into their vulnerable young lungs. Not to mention the cumulative toxic deposits that end up in the soil and water table.

One can try to prevent children access to the outside on the days when deposits are glaringly abundant. But because of the increased frequency of the spraying this becomes an impossible task. I have read literally hundreds of reports these last months from parents on the community Facebook pages very concerned as to why their child(ren) or their entire family have been so sick with upper respiratory infections.

The common thread being that these are otherwise healthy people. Not only are they developing these terrible infections but are also plagued with them for excessively prolonged periods and repetitively.

It seems to me that many are just not making the connection between these ailments and the constant onslaught of toxins being so blatantly deposited above our heads.

The more the subject of chemtrails is addressed and discussed the better. Awareness has to happen for people to start connecting the dots.

Samantha Gibson