Sasquatch can be found striding on flat earth

Sasquatch vs Contrails.

I had read with dismay the June 8 diatribe on “chem” trails vs. the correct terminology “contrails” (condensation trails) left behind by high-flying aircraft and the harm they are supposedly causing. A little bit of research showed that there are a lot of people (sadly ill-informed) that sincerely believe this.

I then read the “you want sasquatch news?” in Thursday’s paper (June 22) and it dawned upon me that Mr. St. John has merely been pulling our chains. Good one John!

Sadly, there are those who take everything they read as the absolute truth, so we should be careful about stating “alternative” facts. Some people who are gullible and misinformed might otherwise develop anxiety issues.

Oh and by the way — the earth is flat AND the sky is falling!!

Richard Mallett

Qualicum Beach