Sour grapes look green – and NDP

So let me get this straight, recent letters complain that the NDP and Greens are subverting democracy by taking their collective 57 per cent of the popular vote in B.C. and imposing themselves on the other 40 per cent so that the majority is better represented. By definition, democracy is rule by the people for the people based on an electoral majority. “First past the post” invariably ends up with a party in power with 35-40 per cent of the popular vote and governing with a “majority.” In this case, the two left-wing parties outnumber the right-wing party so that the so-called “Liberal” Party cannot guarantee to be able to govern without help. How to move forward?

At the time of writing, the British Parliament faced a similar dilemma and tried to resolve it with the DUP’s 10 seats so as to have a slim majority of two. Like B.C. it’s not a coalition, but an undertaking to support the Conservatives’ ability to govern. Are they perpetrating dirty tricks too? Who wants another election right away?

Christy Clark was not above her own dirty tricks in this last campaign. Now she seems more concerned about keeping her job as leader than getting on with government.

In my experience the “Haves” tend to vote right wing and the “Have-nots” the left. It seems to me the “Haves” feel more entitled to have their party in charge and now their reaction smacks of sour grapes.

That having been said, the “giddy schoolboys” leading the left-wing parties hardly inspire confidence. With a razor’s edge majority I wouldn’t blame the lieutenant-governor if she threw up her hands and pronounced the situation unworkable and called another election. What’s another $44 million between friends?

Democracy in action! Gotta love it! See you on the other side!

Mike Hughes