Trails already built into ICF rail plan

As a senior citizen living in Qualicum Beach, B.C., I would like to say that I am in full support of the Island Corridor Foundation who are trying to restart train travel from Courtenay to Victoria. I would like more public transportation as I may have to give up driving my car, and I no longer can use a bicycle.

For those who are unaware of the plans of the ICF, you can contact them at

At the ICF community meeting in early February, I learned about their plans, inlcuding a walking, bicycling trail along the train corridor right-of-way. According to the report given, much work has already been done on this trail. Therefore, there is no need to “tear up the tracks” for a trail.

Also, the train corridor must be continuous to service the Island. So, the train would provide rail transportation and the trail would provide for walking and bicycling. With this, everyone’s wishes would be met.

Also included are tourist plans, such as meeting cruise ships in Nanaimo and providing short rides for the cruise passengers and others.

Fewer highways would be needed which cost millions of dollars or more — maybe billions? Freight could be hauled to have less traffic on our highways as well as less need for cars and their pollutions and accidents. Hopefully, commuter rail service will also be offered.

I hope that all our Island citizens will support this opportunity to restart rail service once again. Please encourage the federal and provincial governments to reiterate their financial offers that were given before, and encourage your municipal governments to support this transportation service,

Also, thank you to the Island Corridor Foundation for their untiring efforts to accomplish rail and trail service for all of us. Once this opportunity is gone, it won’t come again.

Noreen Bosnich

Qualicum Beach