Wallet best weapon in war on climate

As the parent of any toddler knows, it is crucial to make sure there are consequences for poor behaviour. That’s how children learn.

Similarly, I’m afraid, it appears the president of the United States of America needs to see some real consequences for his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord – therefore putting every man, woman and child on earth at increased risk.

True, the ongoing outpouring of hatred towards this petty little tyrant may feel good, but I would suggest it won’t make a difference.

So what to do?

As citizens of one of the largest trading partners of the United States, I would suggest Canadians can have a large impact indeed, should they choose. Most products have information about their place of origin and manufacture and it would be a very simple thing to put back that can of tomatoes from the U.S.A. and pick another that was produced in, say, Mexico.

That’s right; don’t buy anything produced in the United States of America until their Cheeto in Chief reverses this dangerous and extremely uninformed decision.

How about starting it on Canada Day?

I certainly will.

Neil Horner

Qualicum Beach