Who is really inconvenienced by construction?

A different view on construction noise at Village Way (Construction noise driving residents up a wall, May 18).

My mother lives in one of the houses adjacent to the new intersection.

She is 95 years old, and I asked her how the noise was affecting her.

She laughed, and said she sleeps soundly all night when it is quiet, and sometimes has a short nap in the afternoon.

Her concern is that the young construction workers must be getting up at 5 in the morning, driving a long way to work here, then working extra hours in noise and dust or rain. They may return home at 8 at night, probably after their children are in bed. They do this most of the year, not just the week or two we are inconvenienced.

The new intersection will be a big improvement for everyone. Our thanks should go to the competent and hard-working construction and paving crews out there for getting a difficult job done so quickly and efficiently.

No complaints from us.

Alfred Heringa

Qualicum Beach