Would RDN directors use their own trail?

How many members of the Regional District of Nanaimo who, for a myriad of reasons like aging, various disabilities, loss of income, traffic violations, loss of their driver’s licences, would decide to use the trail from Nanaimo to Victoria on a daily or even weekly basis?

How many RDN members have travelled on the TGV in France, Eurorail in Italy or Germany, used a Flexipass for Britrail where you can hop off and on trains all over Britain, travelled on VIA Rail in their own country or travelled by Amtrack in the USA?

Commuters, tourists and the general public travel by railways in many countries and they are generally modern, efficient, sometimes two-tiered, and provide a travel alternative to highway transportation. Their railway stations are like business malls and some have elevators from which to disembark from the second level.

For the many retirees in Qualicum Beach, for instance, the E&N Station is right in town, thankfully, with a computer centre perfect for ticketing, and a waiting room for the potential residents of Berwick place. Vancouver Island cities and towns could boost business, be enterprising by supporting the Island Corridor Foundation who is working to replace the worn ties, renew the tracks so the E&N can modernize its schedule, parking lots,online ticket process throughout the world, and get the E&N back on track!

I travel by public transit using the Tofino bus from Victoria to up-Island towns. On the buses are backpackers, tourists, First Nations families, and many others. Using the trail locally is delightful but a challenge if not impossible from Victoria to Nanaimo or Qualicum Beach for the majority of trail users.

Avis Rasmussen