Tadpole Jamboree set for this weekend at Springwood

Thirteen teams to take part in day-long festivities

Oceanside Baseball is hosting the 2017 Tadpole (U8) Jamboree at Springwood Park this weekend.

There will be 13 teams coming from Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Comox, Campbell River and also from Oceanside to enjoy not only a game of baseball, but also other events lined up for the day. They include a base race and a home-run derby.

The goal of the jamboree is to expose the young players to tournament experience that focuses on sportsmanship, skill development, and a really good time.

“This is a great event and lots of fun for all,” said president Mike Parlow.

The teams entered in the fun jamboree are: Oceanside Red’s (rep), Nanaimo Buccaneer’s (rep), Nanaimo Pirate’s (rep), Ladysmith Cannon’s (rep), Comox Jet’s (rep), Campbell River Tyee’s (rep), Oceanside White-Tim (house), Oceanside Yellow-Adam (house), Oceanside Black-Ray) (house), Oceanside Maroon-Jason (house), Oceanside Red-Glen (house), Oceanside Grey-Lyle (house), and Comox Cardinal’s (house). Each team will get to play four games.

NEWS Staff