Arthur Black

Brace yourself or I may be forced to belt you

I wear a belt because it gives me a place to hang the pouch of my Swiss Army knife

Loops and squiggles have meaning

Signatures may be out of date, but they still have relevance in today's world

ARTHUR BLACK: I’,m just a shy guy

There's something to be said for those who like things a bit quieter in their lives

The cupcake is dead: long live the bagel

Wonton Food, alas, has been bitten by the Political Correctness bug

Adopt a Sumatran elephant today

It doesn't cost much but it could help save a pachyderm life

There are errors and then there are typos

Some mistakes are annoying, but some of them are just hilarious

Weapons of mass distraction

People in North America are getting wired to their phones

When it comes to coffee, make mine a double double

It's a wonder that most coffee shops are able to survive

Hey, watch your mouth

You like it hot and sticky? Have I got a party place for you.

Shoo fly, don’t be bothering me

There has to be a good way to inform someone they're flying low

In praise of the humble postcard

There's a very real difference between a postcard and an e-Mail

The good old hawking game

There was a time when hockey was more about the game than the revenue

A word or two on behalf of the ancient postcard

There’s something special about receiving something you can hold

The honeymoon is over

Getting your license to drive is no longer the thrill it once was

Take back the night – get up early

Once upon another lifetime it was my honour to address the graduating students of a private school.

Live free, or D’OH!

In Jack London’s day a tattoo was a sign of rebellion. Today, it's about as rebellious as wearing an Arnold Palmer golf shirt.

The not-sofreindly skies

Why you should never make a joke at the airport, or on the way there

Not so Grand Ol’ Opry

There's nothing wrong with country music. No, really ...

America is crazy over its guns

The state of Florida is particularly loony on the subject of gun control.

Your call is important to us – really

If our calls are so important, why are we talking to machines?