Arthur Black

It’s much later than you think

Sometimes it takes the sight of a formerly young movie star to make us realize that time really does march on

Kilroy really wasn’t there at all

iconic graffiti actually represents a real person from the Second World War

Here’s to Henny Youngman

Comedian could fire off comedic lines like a laugh machine gun

Extra, extra, read all about me

Even in the writing business, it sometimes pays to advertise

English, as she is spoke, can be a verbal plague

Turning verbs into nouns is just one of the modern English challenges

And I mean that sincerely

Broadcasting one of the 10 worst jobs in the world? I don't think so

Rule Britannica — Not!

Hard copy edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is not mourned by everybody

Would you read this, please?

Degradation of our manners in Canada is cause for concern

Whatever happened to e-mail?

Revolutionary mode of communication going the way of the Dodo

Where there’s smoke, there’s ire

Those huddled smokers are likely going to soon be a thing of the past

In Vietnam, don’t order the Mutt-on

I have just come back from Vietnam, where I have seen many amazing things, including Ho Chi Minh himself.

Thank you, Eileen, wherever you are

Some writers get their inspiration from standing, climbing or their pets. I get mine from Eileen

Underground with Viet Cong

After touring their network of tunnels, it's no wonder the Vietnamese won the war

Road rage: it’s not just for the young anymore

Although it's often displayed by younger drivers, older motorists are not immune

My name is Art. I am a shopaholic

There's something seriously wrong when people line up to buy $200 sneakers

Taking pride in being a member of the Sourtoe Club

Arthur Black takes a look at one of Canada's strangest customs

A-mushing we shall go — NOT

This is one sport that I think I can safely continue to avoid

Big Nurse is on the loose, determined to protect kids

We've come to a point where children are not allowed to put their hands up

Get ready to sing a little Scottish ditty later this week

Robert Burns' timeless classic will ring forth from many a mouth on Jan. 1

Christmas, in all its weirdness, is coming

You have to admit there's something strange about Santa Claus