Arthur Black

Been there, done that … got the T-shirt

Technically, I guess I'm sleeping with hundreds of women right now

The Emperor’s slip is showing

I wonder how you say ‘hubris’ in Russian.

Where, oh where have the pay phones gone?

Communications technology has come a long way, baby

Stop the world, I want to get off

Sometimes the world we live in seems seriously messed up

No aptitude for math? Don’t fret, even Einstein had off days

It appears I am genetically impervious to the joys of mathematics

Detroit has spunk and a history of comebacks

Tales of the city's demise appear to have been exaggerated

A new weapon for the weaponless

Arthur Black takes a look at Canada's politics and why we should laugh at them

Eighty-four and still standing, resiliently erect

Arthur Black takes a look at Hugh Hefner's ... enduring ... legacy

Star crossed star gazing on a starry, starry night

Want to go to the show with me tonight?

Thank goodness Canadian provinces don’t have state guns

Know what I like best about Canada’s national symbol, the beaver?

Looking for new medicine? Urine luck.

Chinese medical practitioners have been prescribing the ingestion of urine for the past several centuries.

Everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it*

Cheeky though it be, I would like to amend Mister Twain’s tongue in cheek meteorological observation. I would change it to: “Everyone talks about the weather but nobody gets it right.”

I haven’t had a bath in years; the tub isn’t what it used to be

Ah, the pleasures of the bath. It didn’t take humankind very long to cotton on to the luxury of a leisurely soak in an oversized bucket of unusually warm water.

Human kind cannot stand so much reality

I don’t get reality TV.