Carol Plaisier

Don’t treat portfolio moves like you would a coin toss

Have you heard the saying ‘Sell in May and go away’? What does it mean and is it a portfolio rule you should follow?

Managing health care costs amid the surprises

If there is life insurance, the spouse may be able to maintain their current lifestyle

Mortgage restrictions come into play in October

The days of 40 year amortization and zero down-payment have been eliminated.

Qualifying for the disability fuel tax refund program

There are many programs available for people with disabilities

Tax-efficient investing is the way to go now

There are lots of ways to invest, but this one cold be a good option

Do you have a strategy for your tax refund?

Oceanside residents should make sure they know what they are going to do with windfall

Tips to keep in mind when planning for retirement

Age 65 - or 67 - comes along faster than you might think. It's best to be prepared

Few guarantees in life, but with death …

You can guarantee your beneficiaries get the most for your money

Plan your estate now, before it’s too late

You can take steps now to reduce probate fees and expenses by estate planning

A little perspective on life insurance and its benefits

Life insurance is often left aside until you really need it - and then it's too late

Check your fees and expenses when looking to save

Sometimes, it's the little things that can really make a big difference

Using the cash wedge strategy for protection

Stock market risk is your only protection against inflation

Estate planning is very necessary

Don't be unprepared for the unexpected with your money

Get ready for retirement

Retirement is one of the most important financial goals for many people.

Buying a cottage and keeping the peace

It’s the time of year when cottage, cabin or beach house fever starts to take hold.

Making tax effeciency a priority

Certain tax strategies can keep more money in your pocket

Consider the years leading up to your retirement

There is much to think about as you get older