Qualicum teacher fires back

Teacher takes independent investigator hired by School District 69 to court over defamation allegations

Police, mayor say new pot dispensery in Parksville is illegal

Owner of the 'compassion club' vows to fight, says he wants to be on the forefront of change

Qualicum Beach accident

An accident on Memorial Avenue slowed traffic Friday morning.

EDITORIAL: Taxing troubles

Parksville city council is now beginning to reap what it sowed when it changed its permissive tax policy.

EDITORIAL: Local elections

With so many levels of government to fund, every year is an election year.

Name likely won’t be released

Body discovered on the beach near Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach

EDITORIAL: Top stories of the year

It’s a good time to look back and take stock in Parksville Qualicum Beach, on this last day of 2013.

EDITORIAL: Better energy?

Hey Santa, got any good energy solutions in that bag of yours?

EDITORIAL: These phones aren’t really so smart

So-called smart phones are becoming a problem in our society

EDITORIAL: The high ground?

It's time that the Olympics stood for what they're supposed to stand for

EDITORIAL: Over governed?

The RDN provides the only direct representation for the taxation levied in places like Errington, Coombs and Deep Bay

Reasons to panic, or not

If panic levels are an indication of how much people really care, there are a few items and issues that have come to the forefront lately.


Vancouver Island was built on coal - but is there a future for it?

Time to bury the hatchet

There's much for conservatives to like about the Liberal platform

Ready for rail

Vancouver Island rail service still a good way to travel

PDBA exhibits progressive ‘tude

Parksville Downtown Business Association shows it has the right idea

Stereotype fed

Right of centre voters should try to avoid helping stereotypes

A futile vote?

Vote on marijuana legalization could have been mostly for show

Reasons for optimism

It's not all gloom and doom on the District 69 economic front

We are not alone

Vancouver Islanders are not immune to the impact of events taking place elsewhere in the world