Jim Grant

Blue chips: big and dominant not good enough

In times of uncertainty, many investors look for equity investments that represent stability and safety.

A look at options for sustainable investment income

An income fund is a mutual fund that is structured to provide regular income, typically monthly.

Using past performance to predict success

Jim Grant in his Dollars and Sense Column on managing money

Good news: your T5 is in and could reduce taxes

In some cases you should be happy to receive a T5, which can result in a tax refund

Some things to know about buying U.S. stocks

There are opportunities to be had, as long as you'r careful

Dividend Reinvestment Plans: a get rich slowly scheme

They may not be all that exciting, but these plans can be a good investment

What is an MER and why do fees matter?

It's a question you're going to want to answer in order to get the best result

Financial security leads to serious peace of mind

As we make our way through life its a good idea to put some issues to rest

Planning to give – the right way

Leaving a portion of our estate behind is something that is important, and that we would take great pride in achieving.

Financial advice for business owners

A carefully chosen insurance policy remains a vital part of any well written shareholders agreement.

The GMWB: Retirement income, guaranteed

Guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit products are of mixed value.

Consider a donor-advised giving program for your favorite charity

Charitable giving can be done in more ways than one

Make no mistake: taxes matter

You decide how, when and if to pay investment taxes

Want to support your favourite charity?

Consider a donor-advised giving program to help out those who need it


There is more support available for those who suffer from disabilities

Choose your own poison

You decide how, when, and if to pay investment taxes

The Australian Bank Account

Here's one idea that also works well for the debt-free

What is the Australian mortgage?

To understand the Australian Mortgage Strategy, you first need to understand how our banks make money.

Be careful with those credit card cheques

They can be convenient if used properly, but a problem if they are not

Putting a price on retirement

What will it look like — and how much will it cost?