Ray Smit

Political opponents are not mortal enemies

The level of discourse within political parties could use a tune-up

I’ve always viewed falling back as something of a gift

Annual time change doesn't have to be intimidating

A mean Halloween shakes the Brothers Smit

Halloween no longer for me, but I'll still eat the candy bars

it ain’t over ’til it’s over; these guys just didn’t quit

Live every day to the fullest and never, never quit

Confessions of a stick in the mud

There, my deep dark secret is out in the open. But, in my defense, I come by it honestly. My father hated it too.

Sugar and spice and a father’s advice

Time goes by when you have young kids

Like 2006, will the Easter weekend make or break the Tories?

The Liberals see many comforting similarities to the 2006 campaign.

Silly season about to start again: Low expectations ahead

It seems a virtual certainty now that an election is upon us. Soon party insiders will be awaiting daily tracking polls the way I anticipate the hockey scores. They’ll also be planning, scheming and spinning the public looking for every possible vote. So what can we expect over the next five weeks?