Stuart Kirk

Snowbirds beware of tax and residency changes

Things are about to change for some snowbirds. U.S. and Canadian authorities are making changes.

STUART KIRK: Financial planning: Do you have an estate plan?

estate planning should be a financial priority at almost any stage of life.

Mortgage or life insurance for your home?

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make and mortgage insurance may not be your best alternative.

Laws being changed regarding locked-in accounts

I continue to get many questions on how to unlock locked-in accounts.

Wealth management can be many things

When folks are asked “What is wealth management?” the most common answer given is that “It has something to do with investing.”

How to free up your locked-in accounts

If you are still working you can use these withdrawals to fund your RSP contributions

Diversified sustainable retirement income

Have you ever seen an old friend recently and been shocked to see how much they had changed over the years?

Estate planning makes a whole lot of sense

Don't leave this important detail until the last minute

RRSPs don’t always make sense

While an RRSP contribution probably makes sense for most people, there are some situations where other alternatives make more sense.

Protect your assets with long-term care insurance

So what is long-term care insurance? Long-term care is a living benefit. So what is a living benefit?

Examine your options on income splitting

Spouses are allowed to split qualified retirement income with their spouse or common-law partner.

Helping you better understand annuities

An annuity: In exchange for a single lump sum deposit, an insurance company makes guaranteed regular income payment ...

Self-employed? Consider disability insurance

Bad things can happen to those who are self-employed, just like any other job

How much life insurance is going to be enough?

Doing the calculations can bring up some surprising answers

Try to think of intergenerational planning

Looking farther down the road never hurt - in life and in investments

The world of the investment manager

There are a lot of misconceptions about the role of the investment manager

Cross border shopping might not be as cheap as you think

You might get some deals on merchandise, but don't get sick while you're down there

Fighting the clawbacks on dividend income

Dividend income can be the least “income-friendly” to retirees

Pension assets: Unlocking locked-in funds

Before you hang up your work hat for the last time, there are a few things you should know

Your final RRSP contribution comes at age 71

Before that time comes though, there are some significant decisions you'll need to make

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