Tara Macart

Getting to the point

Acupuncture is increasingly seen as an option for treatment

Do you know if your medication is safe?

Make sure you and your doctor see through the marketing

Drug company fraud revealed

This latest incident does nothing to strengthen our trust in Big Pharma

Vison preservation makes good sense

Macular degeneration doesn’t have to be such a limiting factor on your life

Oceanside residents should get informed about HPV

There's more to this issue than many might think at first glance

Naturopathic medicine fits into the medical mainstream

Despite pockets of skepticism, naturopathy is becoming just another option

Inversion: Get back in the game

Back problems can be debilitating, but there is hope out there

Chelation: the basics of detoxification

Treatment can dramatically reduce the incidence of free radicals in the body

Water is critical for health

Alkaline ionized water created through a process of electrolysis is the best water we can get

Health requires active role by patient, doctor

It's no longer a case of simply waiting for the doctor to tell you what to do

Niacin evidence elusive

The confusing battle between good and bad cholesterol will continue

Trying to separate the wheat from the chaff

The latest word from the health field with Medicine 101

More on HCG diet

In response to comments made by retired doctor Warren Bailey about my article, The HCG Diet: Fat or Fiction, I would first like to say that it is good to see you are continuing your education by never missing an article of Medicine 101. Impressive!

The HcG Diet: fat or fiction?

Medicine 101

Lower your risk of breast cancer

Medicine 101

The way of the compassionate spirit

Whether it was through a physical examination, therapeutic bodywork, or even just a hand shake, making physical contact helps the practitioner make a connection with each and every patient.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to taste bad

Healthy eating does not have to taste bad. It can be satisfying and guilt free.

Getting the most from nutrients

Why not get the most bang for your food buck?

It’s not all in your genes

Genomics is a new field of medicine related to the science of genes in disease.

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