After six years, fitness is still JD’s passion

JD Athletics has been around in Parksville and area for six years and these days, the business is growing.

Jeremy Dipietrantonio

Jeremy Dipietrantonio

JD has a new office and a new outlook, but his dedication to keeping his clients fit and trim remains the same.

JD, or Jeremy Dipietrantonio for those with more time, has turned a lifelong passion for fitness into a successful personal training business. JD Atletics has been around in Parksville and area for six years and these days, the business is growing.

“I feel more positive than ever and this has been my best year so far,” he said. “That’s been the root of my success, and everything is going in the right direction.”

Despite an economy that’s anything but stellar these days, JD said he has grown his clientele and has refocused his own career priorities.  Where he was once thinking of becoming a full-time firefighter, he has found that his real passion is helping people reach their fitness goals.

It’s something he can relate to. As a teen growing up in the greater Vancouver area, JD was big into fitness and bodybuilding. He found he had the aptitude for teaching others, and found a mentor to show him the tricks of the trade. Learning from a personal trainer when he was young, he said, turned him on to the field. His experiences along the way — both good and bad — taught him what clients want and how he could deliver. He’s added education in nutrition to his resume and is a certified trainer.

“I never planned to be doing this at all,” he admitted, adding it turned into a career because he was able to blend what he loves to do, with the business end.

That love for fitness shows. He spends as much time as he can out on the gym floor and takes time to live by what he preaches.

JD is still a bodybuilder, competing last year as a natural athlete — staying away from the more artificial ways of bulking up. He plans to enter another event in Kelowna  soon, and is sticking to his plan to balance work life and his personal goals.

“Clients tell me that I’m focussed,” he said. “They say they see me working out all the time and spending a lot of time with them as well.”

That, he said, has made all the difference. To find out more, visit