Concession operator offers summer support

The Beachside Grille wants to help community groups raise money

The Beachside Grille, known as the Parksville Beach Concession, is looking to help community groups fundraise during busy days this summer.

“When we applied to the city to operate the concession, we wanted to become involved in the community,” explained owner Barb Hooper.

While they had a few non-profit groups take them up last summer, they are available throughout the summer, July through the September long weekend being the busiest.

The concession will provide all of the equipment, product, set up and tear down of a tent.

“We train the non-profit  volunteers how to make cotton candy and then the group can pick a weekend and provide  two to three  volunteers during the peak hours of 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. “

She said they rent a fancy cotton candy machine that they don’t have the time to use at peak periods despite how big a seller it can be.

They split the profits 50/50 and groups can earn several hundred dollars for  a day’s volunteering.

Interested community groups can contact Hooper at 250-752-4392.