Hilliers store wins BC Hydro green challenge

Mildred's Memorabilia in Hilliers to get up to $5,000 in new track lighting

Richard and Elizabeth Roswell have lots of old-fashioned lights

Richard and Elizabeth Roswell have lots of old-fashioned lights

Elizabeth and Richard Rosewell have no shortage of vintage lighting — from oil lamps to  1930s decorative fixtures — at their Hilliers store, Mildred’s Memoriabilia Antiques.

They’re proud of those old lights, as well as the many other items available for antique hunters,  but the lighting that lets their customers see those historical treasures will soon be state-of-the-art, thanks to a $5,000 grant the store received from BC Hydro.

The antique store won a free Power Smart energy-efficient lighting makeover in Hydro’s Smart Energy Fix contest, beating out challengers from across the area.

Hydro spokesperson Kevin Aquino said Mildred’s Memorabilia said they wanted an energy efficient lighting makeover in order to replace their outdated and inefficient track lighting with a low energy LED type system.

“They are active supporters and fundraisers for charities and the nature of their business is about conservation, and to promote restoration and reuse,” he said in detailing the reasons the antique store was chosen. “The local facility strives to be more environmentally sustainable and already practices energy efficient behaviours with recent installations of a heat recovery system and high efficiency windows.”

The Rosewells plan to replace about 50 lights at their store with the new LED fixtures.

“They are going to replace all the track lighting with low-wattage LED lights,” Richard said. “Those LED lights are fairly expensive and we will need about 50 of them and they are probably about $20 each, including labour. There’s probably a day or two days work.”

The couple, who heard they were finalists a few weeks ago, were delighted with their victory, which saw them beat out a store on Quadra Island in the final round.

Other winners across the province included Northcoast Health and Fitness in Terrace, Colonel Baker House in Cranbrook, Salmar Grand Cinemas in Salmon Arm and Roberts Roost RV Park in Quesnel.

The renovations are likely to be complete in October.