Making sure your price is right

New business looks into what people are paying, and what they get for it.

At 56 years of age and facing semi-retirement himself, Glenn Scott wants to keep working and incorporate both seniors and youth in a new business plan.

Scott, who has been a house painter and handyman in the mid-Island for close to 30 years, has started Is Your Price Right? — a new painting and handiwork business with a goal to help save people money.

Frustrated with what some might consider high prices or even dishonesty in some aspects of the business, Scott said his emphasis will be helping people — especially seniors and young families — get a great deal, with great quality too.

“In my previous company, I was always battling changing prices or others that were really high,” he said. “And some people just can’t afford it.”

Scott said there has got to be a better way.

His plan is to work with customers, create a better relationship with them, to allow them to be comfortable in setting a price for painting jobs — without having to face any sales pressure that for some people, might seem intimidating.

“I respect the retired people in this town,” Scott continued. “They built our communities and I want to give back and feel good about my work.”

In a nutshell, Scott said he hopes his customers will feel confident enough to ask for what they want and work with him to determine their budgets.

“In reality, some clients just don’t say too much. They listen to the quotes and never call you back. I want to go beyond that, making it fun and informative — not just about money.”

To that end, Scott said his company will hold a draw or other contest twice a year, and two winners — people with a need — will have their house painted. Cook said Cloverdale Paint has put up the paint and the labour will also be volunteer.

“I’m going to be out there, and my main goal is to help people.”

Is Your Price Right has been running for about a week and Scott will be hiring semi-retired folks like himself and youth, to work for the business. He hopes to act as a mentor to the up-and-comers, teaching them about solid, quality work.

For more information, contact Glenn Scott at 250-954-8211.